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Quick Tips I Wish I Had Known

Quick Tips I Wish I Had Known

Everyday Mum-hacks from everyday Mum's

You know about almost everything. You've read the books and done all the classes, but every so often a close friend or relative drops a pearl of wisdom that there doesn't seem to be a manual for. These Mary Poppins-esque tips and tricks seem like ancient wisdom, passed along the line by those that have gone before.

We've asked our team of specialists (Mum's) for their everyday mum-hacks they wish they had known before:

Barrier Cream
This wonder cream does far more than assist with nappy rash. Use it as a lip balm for yourself or to calm almost any skin redness or irritation.

Envelope Necklines
Envelope necklines on baby bodysuits and vests means if your baby covers themselves and/or their current outfit in poo, you can roll the bodysuit down over their legs instead of up over their head. Sage advice.

Big Undies
Take some underwear a couple of sizes bigger than your usual size to the hospital or birthing centre to wear after you've had your baby to help accommodate your recovery. You'll wonder why you've never worn oversized undies before.

Feeding In Public
Though some women may appear like graceful swans feeding their infants in public – they likely did not start out this way. There's no need to put pressure on yourself to master the art of feeding in public straight away. Take your time.

Breast Management
It can be a bewildering moment when milk starts pouring from your breasts for the very first time. Whether you decide to breast feed or not, the body's natural response to birth is to produce milk. Have some breast pads handy to assist in making you as comfortable as possible while your body regulates your milk flow will save you from wet patches on your t-shirt.

TIP: Soak a breast pad with water and stick it in the freezer. It can then be easily slipped inside your bra during the early days to help soothe red or sore nipples.

Feeding Apps
9 months without a drink, you've done your time. But you forgot about the feeding! The great news is there are apps to help you feed safely. Enter the time when you have your first drink and the app will tell you when your breastmilk will next be alcohol-free.